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Do You Miss Your Ex? Is there something that you wanted to tell them but didn't get the chance? Do you want to show them how you are feeling since the Breakup? This is the Forum for you! Post Freely with Passion to win your ex back, make peace or show them that you are doing okay without them!

  • Miss Our Morning Starbuck's Coffee & Chat

    I saw you sittng in Starbucks with your New Lover. You didn't seem to interested in the conversation. Are you drinking Ice Coffee now?


  • Josh My Life is Empty Without You

    I miss you so much. I cry evey night and force myself to work each day. I am SO Sorry for sleeping with Evan. I was so drunk, please forgive me. I will do anything. I love you.


  • Are you the one calling my phone?

    I can hear you breathing on the phone. It was silly of you to change your telephone number. We have been together on and off for 2 years. I know you MISS ME! Stop playing Games! Don't listen to your Family. You are a LESBIAN!